In 2005 LONMARK International Magazine went Digital
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In 2005 LONMARK International Magazine went digital and green, delivering their magazine right to readers in-box as a fully online, searchable, linkable publication. This was the website for the online version of LONMARK International Magazine.

Content is from the site's 2004 - 2015 archived pages providing a glimpse of what this magazine offered its readership..

If you have inadvertently ended up here looking for the LONMARK International Magazine its current website found at:

LonMark International, a global membership organization dedicated to efficient and effective integration of open, multivendor control systems, is accepting submissions for its “Best of the Year” awards program.

The organization will be recognizing products, companies, projects, and individuals in the following categories:

• Multi-Vendor Project, Large Campus Integration.
• Multi-Vendor Project, Small Repeatable Solution.
• Certified Device.
• Infrastructure Product.
• Software Solution.
• Energy Efficient Initiative.
• Visionary of the Year.

Companies are encouraged to enter products released or projects completed within the last 12 months.

Nominations are to be e-mailed to by Oct. 20. Award winners will be announced in the January issue of LonMark International Magazine and recognized Jan. 23 during the 64th International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) in Chicago.


"I was forwarded an article in one of the very first issues of Lonmark International Magazine about corporate responsibility that really struck home. We're based in the port of New Orleans and provide mobile services to the local communities that serve the port, and we're aware of the lack of responsibility the large corporations have for their workers and our environment. Men get injured on the rigs, and the vessels that serve the rigs because it dangerous work. But he large employers never willingly support their injured workers once they are injured unless a maritime lawyer forces them to. To make sure the crew members can quickly find help when injured, we provide a link to our local maritime attorney from our homepage. We also sponsor fundraising efforts to benefit the community of our local US Coast Guard families living on the NO base." Ryan Miller




Premier issue of the LonMark® Magazine launched -
April issue focuses on new technologies and industry news

After the successful launch of the premier issue of the LonMark® Magazine, we are busy preparing for the second issue. The upcoming April issue will supplement the participants of Building Open Systems seminars in Europe and North America.

Once again, we are seeking editorial content for both the International and European Edition. If you have a story or information that you think would be of interest to our readers, please contact Nages Sieslack in Europe at, tel. +49 241 88970 41 or simply send it to

The focus of the April issue is new technologies, industry news and developments, application stories, new product announcements and industry events.

Please follow our guidelines when preparing your articles. Editorial guidelines will be published on the LonMark Magazine website soon. All articles submitted for publication will be considered for publication by an Editorial Board. The Editorial Board reserves the right to review, edit and publish selected articles according to editorial requirements.

If you would like to advertise in the European and International Editions, please fill out the Advertisement Insertion Form, available at and fax it back to +49 241 88970 42 or e-mail it


Closing Date: February 28, 2005
Ad Material Due: February 28, 2005
Publication Date: April 1, 2005



LONMARK® International/ LONMARK® Americas Update

2005 / Updated August 2009

Much is happening in the world of LONMARK International. We are reaching out to new markets, looking for new collaborative efforts, and employing new tools to do so. We are utilizing social networking outlets and online collaboration tools to introduce a series of new programs to make it even easier to learn, contribute, and benefit from membership and industry involvement. Below is a summary of some of our new and ongoing initiatives focused on broadening the adoption of LONMARK International’s open interoperable standards:

The LONMARK International Marketing Committee is a dedicated group of members exploring a wide variety of creative marketing avenues for promoting and gaining adoption of the LONWORKS® platform. We are very excited about the response and involvement of this new committee and already we are seeing great ideas and plans. Many of the upcoming LONMARK campaigns and activities seen in the coming weeks and months will be a direct result of the creative and strategic accomplishments of our member-driven Marketing Committee.

The new LONMARK International Lighting Advisory Committee was launched in May 2009 with members stemming from a wide variety of players including utilities, manufacturers of lighting devices and systems, integrators, and industry consultants. This committee is working towards open standards using LONWORKS platform and how we might help save energy for both indoor and outdoor lighting systems through the use of intelligent controls. To see the latest news and activities of the LONMARK International Lighting Advisory Committee, please visit our site.

The LONMARK Americas Career Center continues to be an excellent resource for the intelligent buildings and environments industry. Here hiring managers will find relevant applicants with who possess the distinctive skills specific to the buildings industry while job seekers can create a professional presentation of their qualifications and quickly find relevant industry job listings. The LONMARK Americas Career Center is free for job seekers, and job advertisement rates are priced extremely competitively.

A LONMARK International Blog is now available where members and non-members have the ability to see short news items, post suggestions, share ideas, work on standards, propose new work items, and network with others. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts and ideas.

Live Online Training Classes and Webinars will be offered to anyone anywhere in the world using online meeting tools. This new program is in beta test now and we expect that it will be very effective in providing core educational information about the LONWORKS platform. Our current training classes will be offered as well as new educational seminars to a much broader market. We believe one of our core responsibilities is to educate people on the value and benefits of LONWORKS platform, and the capabilities of our members’ products and services along with understanding the core technology that powers LONMARK International’s open systems.

The LONMARK International Magazine is going digital – and green - and we will soon be delivering our magazine right to your in-box as a fully online, searchable, linkable publication. Not receiving the LONMARK International Magazine?

U.S. Smart Grid Road Map and LONWORKS
The U.S. government is in the process of defining the roadmap for the U.S. smart grid which can potentially affect anyone doing work in the building controls business as well as every aspect of the controls market including commercial, residential, and industrial projects. Part of the effort NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) has been assigned is to develop the list of standards to be included in this roadmap, of which the LONWORKS platform is now a part as a result of passionate member support and the active involvement of LONMARK International since the project’s launch in 2007.

The focus of the near-term efforts at NIST are to identify applications and standards that are available today to modernize the grid. Another emphasis is to identify areas where standards are lacking and start working to fill the gaps in order to move quickly to an interoperable smart grid.

LONMARK International, its affiliate organizations, and its members have been extremely active in identifying where the LONWORKS platform can be used to make the grid smart. Now that the roadmap is out for comment, according to the U.S. Federal Register notice, the LONMARK International community is working diligently to ensure that it makes sense for the country and that LONWORKS networking standards are represented in the areas we know it can benefit. After all, there are tens of millions of electric meters installed today with LONWORKS technology and roughly 100 million devices in total with LONWORKS technology inside—a pretty good start. For the latest news on this initiative, please visit the LONMARK International Energy Solutions page:

Continuing ISO/IEC Standards Activities
Now that the core protocol and several transmission media are ISO/IEC standards (ISO/IEC 14908-1,2,3,4) the next phase of our efforts focus on the higher layers of LONWORKS platform and the LONMARK International Guidelines. The device interface definitions and the LONMARK International profiles, 14908-5 and -6, are clearly defined and are going through the process now and we expect them to make their way through the standards process in the next year. The end goal is a comprehensive set of technologies, implementation guidelines, and documentation that allows anyone to openly and interoperably implement a LONWORKS technology solution anywhere in the world.

Navigating through the standards process from association work to national standards body to international standards body can take many years. In the case of the LONWORKS platform, LONMARK International has been working on this process for most of its existence starting in 1994. For 15 years, efforts to get the LONWORKS platform to become an international standard have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless man hours by staff and member volunteers to get to where we are today. Once a technology becomes an international standard though, the process is not complete. Some say the hardest part then begins – the broad worldwide adoption of the technical standard as an “industry standard”. Very often a technology that successfully makes its way through the standards process never becomes an industry standard and falls away. There are many reasons that this can happen: obsolescence, lack of industry support, lack of marketing and promotion are but a few.

Our members and the industry agree that the LONWORKS platform is very much a viable industry standard and is more prevalent today than any time in the past. With the need for more energy efficiency and more intelligent systems, it offers something unique and beneficial for many markets. And now that the LONWORKS platform is an international standard, our efforts are redoubled to inform the market of the value and benefits of this great technology. Our success is based upon the solid technical foundation, the openness of the technology, and the extremely strong support of our members.


LonMark International Magazine
Vol.7 | Issue 1 | January 2015

A few of the pages from the January 2915 issue of LMI Magazine.










Editorial Focus

The LONMARK Magazine is the official magazine of LONMARK International published quarterly, in two editions: International and European. It is the only English-language trade magazine on open systems, written specifically for professionals interested in open, interoperable multi-vendor solutions. Each issue provides coverage on designing, specifying, installing and using open, interoperable solutions using the ANSI/EIA 709.1 protocol standard. technology and trends relevant to system integration of all sizes, along with in-depth application stories on building controls and automation, home, industry, telecommunications, street lighting, utilities, transportation, etc.

Target Audience

LONMARK Magazine readers are members and non-members of LONMARK International in a variety of industries such as building controls and automation, home control, industrial automation, telecommunications, street lighting, utilities, transportation, and more. They are specifiers and planners, architects, developers, systems and network integrators, researchers, investors and end-users. And they all share a common interest


Writing for the LonMark International Magazine

The LonMark Magazine is the official magazine of LonMark International published bi-annually. It is the only English-language trade magazine on open systems, written specifically for professionals interested in open, interoperable multi-vendor solutions. Each issue provides coverage on designing, specifying, installing and using open, interoperable solutions using the ISO/IEC 14908-1 related standards. technology and trends relevant to system integration of all sizes, along with in-depth application stories on building controls and automation, home, industry, telecommunications, streetlighting, utilities, transportation, etc.

LonMark International Magazine readers are members and non-members of LonMark International in a variety of industries such as building controls and automation, home control, industrial automation, telecommunications, streetlighting, utilities, transportation, and more. They are specifiers and planners, architects, developers, systems and network integrators, researchers, investors and end-users. And they all share a common interest in open, interoperable solutions throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

Read this first before you get it down on paper ...

1. Submitting an article

All articles in the LonMark magazine consist of the following elements which simplify reading and help convey the information in a constructive manner.

  • Heading (significant, short and concise)

  • Lead text (introduces the article with essential information: 5 Ws and 1 H).
    An interesting lead text will draw your audience into reading your article.

  • Subheadings (subdivides the text with brief and concise titles, making the absorption of information smoother) are essential for all feature articles.

  • Keep your article to the set length mentioned above. Remember ... brevity is the soul of wit!

  • Make your conclusion as memorable as your lead. Instead of merely summarizing, try to surpass the limits of the article.

  • Do not include footnotes, but rather credits sources directly in the article.

2. Incorporating images and graphics

A picture is worth 1000 words. Illustrate your text with images to make it interesting and informative. All artwork must be either jpeg. or tif. images with a minimum resolution of 300dpi. We strongly encourage you to include captions with all images identifying the source.

Do not send articles with embedded images. The images must be submitted separately in individual files.

3. Technical Specifications

Unusual file formats, poor quality illustrations, etc. may lead to your article being bypassed for publication. We encourage you to follow the following rules:

Please send us your manuscript as Microsoft Word document. The manuscript should be left-justified and free from formatting. Do not embed images into the text! Images must be submitted in separate files.

Images must be saved as either jpeg or tif. File formats in at least 300dpi. Low resolution images will not be accepted!

4. Deadlines

The editorial deadlines must be absolutely respected. Article submissions received after the published deadline will not be printed in the upcoming issue.

Article Guidelines

The following guidelines are designed to help authors understand the article submission process for feature articles, application stories, and product news.

Feature Articles
Each Issue contains a special or prominent article that focuses on a particular topic of interest to readers. We seek articles that will appeal to a large, international audience. The article should be an original work ranging from 1,000 and 2,000 words. It should not promote a product, service or company. Please include a by-line and a brief biography giving the author's full name, title, and organization or company and its location.

Application Stories
LonMark Magazine readers enjoy reading articles describing the implementation of applications that stand-out. Involving multiple vendors or systems or that could be considered unique or unusual. Application stories should be between 600 and 1000 words and be a completed project less than 2-years-old. Preference will be given to installations containing LONMARK-certified, products. The body of the story should contain a background, challenge, solution and product specification details, along with a working title with an active verb. The article should reference the submitting organization or company and its location.

Product and Company News
We encourage LonMark members to submit news on new products or services. This information will reach thousands of potential customers worldwide. Please limit your news items to 200 and 250 words. Please make sure to include company contact information.

Evaluation and Acceptance

All manuscripts are evaluated based on originality of topic, organization, soundness of content, timeliness, and interest to our readers.

We may accept your article outright, accept it for Editorial Board rewrite, or accept it contingent on your revision.

Your writing style is your own, and we will make every attempt to preserve it. But if your article is substantially revised, we may send you the edited version for review.



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